@ Fairfield Amphitheatre (pop-up scaffolding theatre)
Directed by Meredith Rogers (in English)
Designed by Barbara Ciszewska
Music by Christos Ioanidis
Starring Mary Sitarenos, Evdokia Katahanas, Peter Finlay, Chris Gaffney, Bernadette Ryan, Bernadette Fitzgerald, Karen Paton, Bruce Knappet, Alan Lovett and Christopher Barry

“it is an atmosphere-charged moment when dusk is falling, the first scene opens and the dirt stage is bare. All the audience can make out is the sound of singing voices, carried from far off.
As the voices move closer they are accompanied by the hypnotic sound of water swishing and as the audience peers through the parting in the trees, it can see canoes coming around the bend. They carry the messengers, who pull in by the stage and disembark”
The Herald Sun
“Meredith Rodgers’ production is lively, inventive and idiomatic without being overly simplified”
The Age, February 1984