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Dear Friends of the Stork,

A unique opportunity to experience this extraordinary and momentous novel. From the team that brought you Homer’s Odyssey Adventure Marathon 2018.

“The greatest novel by Australia’s greatest writer.”

Peter Craven


THE TREE OF MAN extracts – 2019

August 6th, Parts 1-2
August 13th, Parts 2-3
August 27th, Part 4

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Limited Seating

• All Sessions 6.30pm – 8.30pm
• Old Treasury Building (Margaret Craig Room, Victorian Marriage Registry)
• 20 Spring st. Top of Collins st. Up the main steps and door to the left.


The Australian epic in which the journey is the birth of the creative spirit itself. After being expelled from the ‘garden of Eden’, mankind becomes human through art.

Stan and Amy Parker carve out a life in the bush 20km from Sydney in the 1920s. Their simple lives are made epic, intense and profound when seen through the elemental landscape which seeps into their psyches. They are Adam and Eve before the Fall. By the end of the novel the city of Sydney has reached their farm, buying up their ‘garden of Eden’. Throughout their lives, searing moments of illumination offer them insights into the meaning of life, the possibility of beauty and of art being compensation for Eden lost.


“Patrick White has rewritten the Book of Genesis.”

The New York Times, 1955

Stork Theatre presents:

The Odyssey

An adventure marathon: Homer’s epic told in full over 12 hours

Translated by Emily Wilson
Location: MPavilion
Date: Saturday 1 December 2018
Time: 11am – 11pm

Homer’s ODYSSEY: 24 stars, 12 hours, 12,000 lines of ancient poetry

We were overwhelmed with your support of our little Homer’s ODYSSEY extravaganza.

On a glorious Melbourne day you gathered in the MPavillion and sprawled across the lawns transfixed by the epic, just as it has thrilled readers for millennia.

Storytelling in the ancient style. 12,000 lines of poetry flew by!

Attendance throughout the day reached 1000. As the final lines were read at 10.40 pm, almost 200 of you remained in attendance, having stayed the course!

A first for Melbourne, a first for Australia. A phenomenon.

Thank you all.

Thank you also to our generous sponsors, in particular the Hansen Little Foundation, and you, the Friends of the Stork Theatre.

Click here to read Jim Clavens’ evocative review of the day in Neos Kosmos.


Actors & Session Times

HOMER’S ODYSSEY: a 12 hour extravaganza
Directed by Greg Carroll

PART ONE: THE HERO’S SON / 11.00am – 1.00pm
Featuring Helen of Troy
Elizabeth Davies, Jack Charles, Richard Piper, Carolyn Bock

PART 2: ENTER ODYSSEUS / 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Featuring Athena & Calypso
Sabrina D’Angelo, Kevin Hopkins, Max Gillies, Denis Moore

PART 3: THE ADVENTURES / 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Featuring cyclops, lotus eaters, sirens, Scylla and Circe
Neil Pigot, Caroline Lee, Peter Craven, Dimity Shepherd

PART 4: HOMECOMING / 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Featuring Odysseus’ reunion with his son Telemachus
Sigrid Thornton, Ross Campbell, Sean Scully, Naomi Rukavina

PART 5: THE HERO’S WIFE / 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Featuring Odysseus’ reunion with his wife Penelope
Natasha Herbert, Melodie Reynolds, Rod Mullinar, Dimitrios Michalopoulos (The Greek Consul General)

PART 6: RETURN OF THE KING / 9.00pm – 11.00pm
Featuring the archery contest, the slaughter of the suitors and the bed test
John-Marc Desengano, Marco Chiappi, Kate Kendall, Alexander Madden